August 12th, 2008

Lizzie, Preterhumans

Computer woes

You know, I actually swore to myself that I wasn't going to do something like this. Good to know that I'm rubbish at keeping this sort of promise to myself, but what's a girl to do?

Basically, my iBook G4 gave up the ghost over the move. Thankfully, I had saved the novels to a flash drive just before then. Unfortunately, I lost all my programs (iTunes, Microsoft Word for Mac 2008, Microsoft Excel for Mac 2008, Titanium Toast, Photoshop 7.0, some games, and a few other things), but that's something I can get back at fairly decent prices, mostly through my main job. I don't even want to think about all of the bookmarks I hadn't backed up on diigo yet.

What's killing me is not having a laptop with built-in wireless for writing and researching during lunch, after work, and around town. Believe you me: I've written more at Panera Bread and Starbucks than just about anywhere else.

So simply, I have two choices: 1) I can put off a lot of the work on Ash and the other books -- including editing on Amaranth and Verdant -- or 2) I can see about getting a working laptop again. Obviously Option Two appeals to me a great deal more. But with Option Two, there are two more options: A) I can try repairing the iBook again (we've already fixed the logic board once and I'm very doubtful another repair would help) or B) I can go with upgrading. Again, Option B sounds better.

Therefore, I've been pricing a White MacBook (not Pro or Air) and pretty much, it comes to this: a new MacBook will cost me about $2000. Right now, that's completely out of my range... so I'm asking my friends to help out.

I guess what I'm asking for is donations, no matter how much it kills me to do so. The easiest way would be PayPal, to

Any help, no matter how small (even if it's just well wishes), will be much appreciated, cherished, and probably bragged about on my site. Even if you can't help out money-wise, passing this entry along would be fantastic as well. You can link to it here:

Just please, if you can't donate, please spread the word.

Thank you.

People who have contributed to help me: