February 4th, 2009

Lizzie, Preterhumans

I need to make better posts

Before I start this, Wraith is still doing fine. He's my carrying around laptop of love. It's my desktop that's dying. I bought it on the cheap (really cheap, like $300 cheap, because that was all the money I could borrow) from Best Buy about a year and half or two years ago or so. It had 512MB RAM; I upgraded it as far as it would go, to 2GB RAM. It had a 120GB hard drive; I upgraded it to 220GB.

I called it Kaichan when I got it. Now it's Sir Saves A Lot. It sounds like a cute name... till you realize it's because I have to hit "Save" a lot when I'm working on anything. Microsoft Word is about the extent of what it can run on a good day; Word and Excel overloads it. If I have Firefox on, the most I can use is Calculator or Notepad. Sometimes (just sometimes) I can run Firefox and iTunes.

I had the first $500 set back for a refurbished iMac off the Apple Store. Car issues (a constantly blowing fuse) have severely depleted that fund down to about $150. I'm hoping to get more for my birthday later in the month, but I'm not crossing my fingers.

So basically, I've set up a Fundable fundraiser towards the rest of the money to get a refurbished iMac to replace Sir Saves A Lot.

I'm asking people to pass it along if they can't donate. If you can donate, please still pass the link along.

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