April 25th, 2009

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Amaranth, at last


I've been so excited, waiting to make this post. I finally a physical copy of Amaranth: The Preterhumans Book 1 in my hands. In fact, I have 2 spare copies sitting in my hands. I'm working on some kind of contest towards at least one of those two. We'll see, yeah?

Earlier today, Amazon was showing two available copies for less than $10 before they get the regular copies ready to ship in a few weeks, but they're gone now; I'm assuming they've sold already. You should be able to get them directly from Cacoethes themselves though.

I might have to post a list of the books and such I'm getting ready sooner or later. I need to clean out my book shelves some to make room for more. I'm parting ways with the books I haven't read at all or that I didn't like very much... or are Expanded Universe Star Wars novels. I have my own reasons there, but the less said there, the better.

Hopefully, more to come soon.