April 28th, 2009

Lizzie, Preterhumans

Amazon update

So, up until now, I've been hearing from people who ordered Amaranth off Amazon. To a person, they've been saying that it keeps getting pushed back. When the book went to press on March 27, they were told April 1 it would ship. Then it got pushed back to mid-April, then mid-May.

Now I'm hearing that some people's Amazon orders are starting to ship. In fact, I know of at least one person whose book shipped yesterday and should arrive tomorrow. That's pretty good -- and definitely really quick turn around, once it finally got ready to ship.

The site itself, though, is still showing 2 to 4 weeks before the book is ready to ship. Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million both still show July 23rd as its release date. Borders is finally showing it in its system, but it likewise shows the July 23rd date.

And in other news, there is a possibility that I might be going to do a contest of some sort with at least one copy of the book. For a runner-up prize, I might do a Amazon gift certificate. This is all coming out of my pocket, nothing from the publisher, so it's limited to what I can afford out of pocket.

Right now, until Amazon shows something sooner than 2 to 4 weeks for shipping on Amaranth, the best place to get it is probably still through the publisher itself. You stand the most chance of getting the book in with something resembling celerity.

I'm within a few pages of edits (barring the two sections I need to do some major additions to) of being ready to throw myself back into writing on Hunter's Path. I might try to do it for MayNoWriMo, but it could be as late as JulNoWriMo, depending on how classes end up going for me during Summer Semester.