Katherine Bell (katherinewrites) wrote,
Katherine Bell

Why the writing is slowing down

Yesterday, I looked at D. Marie and said, "I don't know why I'm proud of myself for writing less than 200 words. It's not even a quarter of a page." The sad fact is, I am proud of those 170-something words. Between class and homework, work, house work, and health issues, finding time to get some writing in has been a chore to say the least. I guess I could do the old "stay up till all hours" thing, but see again the bit about health issues.

Mostly the health issues are dealing with a crappy immune system, migraines, depression, and things of those likes. In the last month or so, though, I've been dealing with a painful hand and wrist. Since it is, of course, in my dominant right hand, holding a pen without a brace on has been... troublesome, to say the least. Well, I finally managed to get in to see my doctor yesterday, to find out I apparently have a Ganglion cyst in that wrist. We're trying some medications to try to head it off before it gets bad, but if it does, surgery will be the next option. We're hoping the medications work, though.

So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Tags: general writing, health
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