Katherine Bell (katherinewrites) wrote,
Katherine Bell

A few new videos to share

So, somehow I've made two video posts that never made it here. Imagine that! Mostly they're me babbling, the latter about my 16 characters in search of a story. But without further ado, here they are!

Since I started naming off the characters in the second video, I guess I'll share the whole list: Ava, Vivien, Sabine, Michael, Harry, Quentin, Kyle (who is going to make it through this book -- every time I write a story with a character named Kyle, he ends up dying!), Corrine, Alix, Jesse, Desiree, Elena, Gregory, Nick, Daniel, and Beth. I have one vote for Ava as narrator -- and I'm digging that. I like Ava.

And now to study for my oral quiz in German tomorrow.
Tags: !video, planning, preterhumans
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