Katherine Bell (katherinewrites) wrote,
Katherine Bell

A small bit of amazement

And a very good afternoon to everyone. Normally, I would save this kind of post for tonight — but it’s slow.

Normally these blogs are reserved for me to discuss what’s going on with The Preterhumans and such. Unfortunately, there have been no changes since the last post regarding that. I still don’t even have the edits for Verdant, so it’s almost definitely pushed back; it was supposed to come out this month.

On the Amaranth front, it should be available to order from your local bookstore starting Thursday. Yes, it’s almost six months after it was released on Amazon. No, I don’t know why. I can’t get answers on that one. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

I’m still taking German 1120. Class ends August 8th; Fall Semester . So far I’m doing fairly well in it. My lowest grade has been an 80 — and that was on a quiz I had forgotten was going to take place. The perils of taking classes, working, and doing JulNoWriMo all at the same time. Oh yes, I am still doing JulNoWriMo. I’m hanging on, might be a better way to put it; I’m running a wee bit behind on my word count. Maybe now that today’s test is over, I can start playing catch up. I have 19,046 words left to write for the month and ten days left to write them in. I think it’s workable. I also think that, if I didn’t have classes, there would be a possibility that I might already be done. But there’s more on that here…



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