Katherine Bell (katherinewrites) wrote,
Katherine Bell

My next projects

I have a few projects I'm working on at the moment. The most immediate is an RSS feed solely for my video blogs from YouTube, so that I can try to get them submitted as a iTunes podcast. Why, yes, I am growing ambitious. Thank you for noticing.

The other project is... a new story. I'm sorry to say it probably won't be one you see here. But if you can suss out my pseudonym, once it's finished, it shouldn't be that hard to find. More on that as it develops, mainly because I've had too bad a headache for while todo much in the way of writing. I'm hoping to hop back on that train again soon, though.

Finally, Necronomicon is about 5 weeks away! Eee! I so can't wait! I still need to buy my boots, though. They're just about the only part of my costume that hasn't been purchased. I have some picked out (on eBay), so it's just a matter of affording them: $15 for the boots and $13 shipping. It shouldn't seem like so much. I'll get them eventually, maybe even in 2 weeks.

In the meanwhile, much love, rock hard, and later!

Tags: computer, conventions, planning

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