Katherine Bell (katherinewrites) wrote,
Katherine Bell

Necronomicon 2009

So, today is our last day at Necronomicon. It's been an interesting con so far! Fun panels, wonderful hotel & staff, decent dealers room...

We have, however, had a fire alarm go off last night, which was odd. While we were outside waiting to be let back in, we got to listen to a pretty decent filker. We found out this morning that someone apparently set off a stink bomb on the 3rd or 4th floor and caused about $400 worth of damage. Why do these sci-fi cons always end up being so hard on hotels?

We met a lot of nice people, and we do seem a lot of the same people in all the same panels.

I got to meet Patricia Briggs, and I'm thinking -- just from my impression of her -- I'm going to pick up the first Mercy Thompson book. Other than that, it's been some good information and such.

I'm actually typing this from the e-book and DRM panel. I'm bad, yes, I know. I'm finding out just how bad Cacoethes really is.

We're staying for one more panel: urban fantasy. After that, we're hitting the road.

We'll be getting back to Tallahassee sometime around 6 or 7 tonight. My coworker fed the kitties last night and this morning. We'll be feeding them tonight, maybe having dinner, very possibly buying our limited groceries for the pay period, and then sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

Why "sweet, sweet sleep"? We had to call security to get the party next door to quiet down at 5:30 this morning. We're going to have a 5 to 6 hour drive on 2 hours sleep.
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