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Katherine Bell

Writing is what we do here

22 February
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Katherine Bell is the author of The Preterhumans series. She also works full-time as an Administrative Support Assistant at Florida State University.
The Preterhumans

. Amaranth . Verdant . Ash . Azure .
Katherine's MacBook just gave up the ghost in mid-December 2009. She is running a donation drive from her website to try to raise money for a new MacBook. She swears that she isn't hard on her machines, but she needs to quit buying used.

She uses an iMac G5 (also used, so cross your fingers) for writing, as well as an iPod video (new) for inspiration.
Ash: The Preterhumans Book 3

Fallen: The Lurkers

Katherine is currently attending Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Publishing and Editing, with a side of German language. After that, she's open for any additional ideas.
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